Why choose Richard Smyth Wild Earth Images?

High quality products
All photographic prints are printed on high quality, archival photographic paper or canvas, printed in a professional photographic laboratory. Our prints will last up to 70 years as long as they are kept out of direct sunlight. They are taken with some of the world's most sophisticated lenses for optimum quality. These lenses don't just interpret images sharply, but also interpret colours correctly.

Diverse and unique themes
Something for everyone: from never-been-seen-before wildlife, marine-life and outback scenes to iconic Western Australian beach scenes and cityscapes.

Why choose to print onto canvas?

This latest technique creates a 3 dimensional effect to really impress your visitors!

Intense colours
High grade canvas texture makes the colours appear more deep and intense.

Non reflective and versatile
Canvas does not reflect lights, making it a great choice for offices and homes.

Limited edition - an investment
Our limited edition canvases are likely to grow steadily in value over time as the edition sells.

How do the limited editions work?

Whenever a panoramic image from the Richard Smyth Wild Earth Images collection is produced onto canvas, it becomes part of a certain number of pictures sold. (ie 1/300 is the first print of only 300 prints sold).

Every print is personally signed and numbered by Richard Smyth. Each print is then registered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, to guarantee your exclusive ownership.

The purchase price of a Richard Smyth Wild Earth Images limited edition canvas increases as the prints are sold from the edition - the fewer that remain available, the higher the purchase price.

Although starting prices are very affordable, these stunning prints on canvas can make valuable investments.

What framing options are available with each size?

  Large Panoramic Mid-sized Panoramic Small Panoramic Mid-sized 35mm Small 35mm
Silver • • • • •
Jarrah Tint • • • • •
Light Walnut Tint • •   •  
Bushfire Burnt Edge •