Big Mertens Waterfall, Mitchell River, Kimberley

Big Mertens Waterfall, Mitchell River, Kimberley, Western Australia.

The Mitchell River has carved spell-binding gorges and waterfalls into the rugged, layered sandstone of the Mitchell Plateau.

Mertons Falls form a thundering curtain of water into a beautiful, tranquil pool.  Rock ledges, rapids, pools, natural spas and a fern-lined cave are all features of this beautiful oasis. Wunambal Aboriginal people are the original owners of this area.

The Kimberley in Australia is one of the last true wilderness areas on Earth, with rustic unique outback landscapes and landmarks billions of years in the making. Covering app 423,000 square kilometres in north Western Australia, it holds the secrets of spectacular beauty with ancient gorges, pristine coastline and sandy beaches, to one of the oldest cultures on the planet and the world’s only horizontal waterfalls.

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