Quail Creek, Prince Regent River Nature Reserve, Kimberley, Western Australia (QC02P)

Quail Creek, Prince Regent River Nature Reserve,  Kimberley, Western Australia by Richard Smyth – Wild Earth Images

Six tributaries flow into the Prince Regent river, including Quail Creek, Youwanjela Creek, Womarama Creek and Pitta Creek. The headwaters of the Prince Regent rise in the Caroline Range, flowing northwest past Cathedral Falls and Kings Cascades and into St George Basin and Hanover Bay. Viewed from the air, the river follows a uniquely straight line caused by a geological fault with the six tributaries flowing into the river.

The river was named in 1820 by the first European to discover the river, Philip Parker King and the crew of the Mermaid. The river is named after the Hanoverian Prince Regent, King George IV, who was shortly to succeed his father to the throne.

The rivers’ traditional owners are the Worora people.

Eighteen freshwater fish species are known to inhabit the waters of the Prince Regent River.

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